Who got mentioned in Library Journal? This guy!

Hey, it's got a hottie on the cover....There’s an article in this month’s Library Journal by Ellen Bosman titled “Opening the Fiction Closet.” Imagine my surprise when my friend Cindy (by way of my other friend Joe) told me that my novel Detours got a mention in the article, which is about the growth of queer fiction and how collections development and readers’ advisory staff at libraries can identify contemporary works worth acquiring.

So, I’m worthy!

Along with my book, also mentioned were Jameson Currier’s The Third Buddha (which I’ve read and is excellent) and Trebor Healey‘s A Horse Named Sorrow (which is on my to-read list), among many others including Ali Liebegott and Stacy d’Erasmo (both of whom I’ve read and enjoyed). Jerry Wheeler’s review site Out in Print also gets mentioned as a resource for finding what’s new and good.

I believe a version of this article will be available online at reviews.libraryjournal.com soon that will also address series books. I’ll update this post with a link when that goes live. Right now, the article is exclusive to their print edition, but I just couldn’t resist pointing it out now, because BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION!

UPDATE: And here’s the article!