Random omnibus update, i.e. story! And contest!

It’s only the second week of term and already I’m exhausted. You’d think it wouldn’t be quite so hectic considering that I only have one class, a fiction workshop, in the first term, but I’m also managing the writing contests this year for PRISM international, the literary magazine published by UBC’s Creative Writing Program.

I was randomly flipping through back issues this past week and came across a few notable bylines: Joyce Carol Oates, Seamus Heaney, Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and Charles Bukowski. And that was just random picking. There’s fifty-plus years of back issues that probably contain even more names. The thing that I think is exciting is the possibility that we’re going to publish (or may have already published) the next Atwood or Heaney.

Hey, you never know. It might even be you.

Now, here’s where I have a favor to ask: If you’re on Twitter, it’d be great if you could retweet the contest announcement. Here, I’ll even make it easier:

See? Easy.

If you’re on Facebook, I posted about the contest here. Share it with your friends! (And click “like” on my page while you’re at it. You’ll make my day.)

Okay, moving on.

I’ve already submitted my first story for my fiction workshop, which’ll be critiqued this week. Get as much out of the way as early as possible, I figure, and clear the deck for the unexpected. I’m also wrapping up the first draft of my thesis (currently stands at 74,493 words—attention, Carsen Taite!) and just sent in revisions on a story for an anthology that I can’t wait to tell you all about. (Keywords for this story: bears in space. That’s bears in spaaaaaaace.) And I don’t mean the fuzzy kind of bears. Well, I suppose I do, but—

Never mind, I’ll explain later.

I’ve also finished revising one of the stories I wrote last year and now just need to figure out where to send it. I have a couple places in mind, so we’ll see. One thing I want to do more of this year is submitting my work to magazines. I’ve got a lot of anthology credits under my belt—and let’s hear it for anthologies! I love getting to read a range of writers’ work all in one convenient volume. I’d like to see if I can’t get some magazine credits as well.

And that’s the news with me. How are you?