50% off at Kobo, or “Jeff for Sale”

Kobo logoMeanwhile, over at Kobo Books, they’re having a 50 percent off sale during the month of September. 

That’s 50 percent off everything.

So, it’s not just half off my work (although I’d be totally remiss in not reminding you that I have two short stories available through Untreed Reads that are sold by Kobo, not to mention my first novel, Detours, and you can find all of them right here—because BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION). My friends Jeff Howe and Sandra Murphy and Trey Dowell and Joseph Pfeffer and Chris Bauer are also all for sale.

That’s also half off titles like Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan which I’m about to buy, as well as Shades of Earth by Beth Revis because I have yet to read the last installment of the Across the Universe series which makes me a bad fan. You could even buy 50 Shades of Gray because this right here is a judgment-free zone.

I found out about this from my editor at Untreed Reads, so do me a favor and follow this link to get there. Then use the code Sept50 when you check out.

Again, that code is Sept50.

In case you didn’t see it….