What’s on my bookshelf

Happy Friday! Yes, I’m still alive.

You can attribute the recent radio silence to deadlines. I’m giving the first draft of my thesis novel to my advisor today. This is the point where I should probably say, “It is so bad. So bad.” But hey, it’s a first draft. It’s supposed to be bad. Or at least, not all the way there.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy lining up promotional ads and postings for the literary magazine’s writing contests. The deadline for creative non-fiction is first up, on November 28, so you know, don’t delay. Enter today! Plus, I have a novella to read for workshop next Wednesday and my partner Michael is coming to visit tomorrow, so radio silence will continue for a while.

1381762_672784629406907_21624193_nBut! Over on the Canada Writes Facebook page, they’re running a photo series on bookshelves and what they say about our personality types. Naturally, I submitted mine, which says “disorganized, slightly impoverished graduate student” more than anything else. You can read the rest of what I had to say and browse the other photos here.

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