In case you haven’t heard…

…’Nathan Burgoine‘s Light came out. I picked up my copy from Chapters on Granville this week:


(Bonus thumb in picture for added interest.)

I’m delighted that it’s getting loads of good reviews—a) because it’s a great book and b) because ’Nathan is probably one of the nicest people I know. But even if he were a royal jerk (which he’s NOT), it would still be a good book.

So, the takeaway here? Book=great. Also ’Nathan=nice.

But! Go over here and read the interview with him at Indie Reviews, where he also heaps praise on his editors, Greg Herren and Stacia Seaman (who also happen to be my editors) and provides some insight into his own creative process. I always find it interesting to hear how other writers approach their work. I took particular note of the way he picked up from Greg Herren of “crafting backwards” for character development. I’ll be keeping that in mind.