Thanks for the birthday present, Apple

Faulender Apfel, by André/flickr.comOkay, so it’s really not Cupertino’s fault that I decided to install the (free!) upgrade to Mavericks on my laptop Tuesday night. The night before I had a story due for my fiction workshop. A story that I hadn’t finished. But yeah, I’m from New England and we tend to be frugal (my mother would probably say that virtue skipped a generation where I’m concerned, along with patience), and “free” is a powerful motivation that tends to overwhelm “untested technology that may fuck things up and dude you’ve got a deadline, so chill, okay?”

Which is how I came to spend last night writing the aforementioned short story largely on my phone while I restored a previous version of my system from Time Machine. Thank heavens for regular backups. On the bright side, when I did a complete restore, I miraculously freed up 20+ gigabytes of space on my hard drive. Nice.

Less positive was the fact that I booted up this morning to find all my web browsers had—poof!—vanished. As had Microsoft Office, which makes word processing kind of a challenge.


Thankfully, since I’m a vaguely povertied grad student, it was fairly easy to find an open-source word processing suite (thanks, OpenOffice)

Oh, also? Like I mentioned, it was my birthday yesterday (the 23rd, which makes me a Scorpio, even though some horoscopes say the sign starts on the 24th, because let me tell you those are lies, do you understand?). I have a confession and a tiny favor to ask. (It will cost you nothing except maybe a little time, don’t worry). First off, the confession: I think I’m fairly terrible at self-promotion. (Go read that linked article, especially if you have introvert leanings.) But, what I can do is trumpet the good work of other people, as the article suggests, because I’ve got a few things I can tell you about.

First of all, if you’re in the Ottawa area, tomorrow my friend ’Nathan is having a book launch party at After Stonewall, so go and RSVP because his new book is good and he’s just a doll.

18489319Secondly, I cannot believe that I neglected to mention this: another story! I have a science fiction piece in this anthology, edited by Jerry Wheeler, that features work by  great writers such as my aforementioned friend ’Nathan Burgoine, along with Jeff Mann, Lewis DeSimone, Dale Chase, and many more. And the guy on the cover? Not at all difficult to look at.

17237214One of the best books I’ve read recently was Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan. The fact that I managed to get through it without crying is testament only to my cold, hard heart, but it was great, and several of my friends have confessed to ugly-cry moments in public places like on the bus.

17831877Another good read that I just finished recently was Tom Mendicino’s KC, at Bat. It was a sad and bittersweet tale about two high school students and how they meet the summer before college and everything that happens. It’s only available as an e-book and it’s a short read you can finish in one sitting, really. It’s also open-ended, which makes me hope “sequel.”

Lastly, the favor. Are you on Goodreads? Add my next book to your Want to Read shelf. Shortly before the book launches next March, I’m hoping to give away a few copies on Goodreads as well, so who knows? Maybe you’ll even get one for free. And who doesn’t like free?

And unlike OS upgrades, free books aren’t nearly as prone to malfunctions.

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