Oh, that’s right—I have a blog

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? Can you hear me? Good.

Remember when I said I was giving my advisor the first draft of my thesis? Yeah, that didn’t happen, at least not on Oct. 11. Mike arrived for a visit on the 12th and I still wasn’t done, so I got a week’s extension. I finally sent it off (I’m tempted to say “inflicted it upon her) on the 20th. But, for the moment it’s off my desk, so yay for that.

Which doesn’t mean I’ve been lacking for something to do. I had a short story due for a workshop on the 23rd (and you may recall how that went), and I’m also a TA in a class on writing for new media, so I had a pile of assignments to mark. How many times can you read Kafka’s The Metamorphosis adapted for Twitter? In my case, about 85 times. It’s a bug’s life, let me tell you. However, it did compel me to read The Metamorphosis, which had been missing from my past. Talk about grim.

Also, looming in the background have been the edits on my next novel, The Unwanted. Thankfully, I can say that’s behind me. Apparently, I didn’t give my editor too much to be concerned about, which is a good thing! Now it’s off to production, which will mean line edits from the copy editor (who saved me from a couple of really boneheaded mistakes in my previous novel). Then there’ll be cover proofs and a few other things before it’s off to the races.

Nervous? Me? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a story I started writing on the bus. I was thinking about a book I checked out of the library, which got me thinking about the other people on the bus and the strange ways in which strangers might meet, and that got me thinking about bus drivers in general and before I knew it I had my phone out and was starting to write on it. It kind of surprises me how much I enjoy writing on the teeny tiny screen of my old phone. I think it keeps me from being too daunted by vast fields of blank screen space that haven’t been filled with words.

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