Sunday Night Chair Dancing

As you’ve probably picked up by now, I’ve been a little… harried lately. Between the end of the semester, a new book coming out in four months, and a thesis draft about to land on my desk, it’s been kind of stressful. Not to mention a magazine contest that if it doesn’t go well it’s going to look less than stellar for me.

(Hey, you’ve still got time to enter the non-fiction contest. Just sayin’.)

Anyway, I try as best I can to remain unflappable (which is challenging at the best of times), but with everything going on, I’ve been, well, flapping.

At times like that I turn to running, and while I went running this afternoon I was listening to an episode of quite possibly the most delightfully offensive podcast known to humanity (seriously, they manage to offend every known group including several I’m a member of and I have never laughed so much at inappropriate times), and they played this song:

I bought it on iTunes once I got home and have played it repeatedly while bopping happily in my chair-based area, as a certain Shark-Fu would call it. Perhaps Sunday night chair dancing should become a habit. I may not be any less stressed, but my spirits are lifted.

Of course, the cinnamon bun I had in the middle of my run might have something to do with that as well.