What it feels like for a litmag contest manager

(Because secretly, you’d love to know what it feels like, wouldn’t you?)

Picture it: The deadline for your contest approaches, and the folks out there are writing as fast as they can:

Thank heavens for spellcheck at times like this.

Inevitably, the deadline passes—and maybe some people missed it.


Or maybe the post office was closed right when someone got there to mail their entry:

Hi, David. Call me!

So you think, “What if we extend the deadline?”

I live for the applause

And the typing continues.

Must. Type. Faster.

Then the deadline extension passes and all the entries are in. You feel like this:

Impromptu dance party!

You send them all out for the first round of reading and the waiting starts all over again:

The waiting is the hardest part

The deadline for PRISM international‘s creative non-fiction contest is December 5. That’s tomorrow! Hurry up and enter!