‘Drop-everything’ moments

The Unwanted 300 DPIIt’s kind of a weird experience to sit down and read your own novel from start to finish. I sent off The Unwanted to my editor in August, and since then, apart from compiling the front matter and looking at cover options (and one reading from it), I haven’t touched it in a while. Copy edits are one of the (many) times when everything else you’re doing comes to a screeching halt so you can get this done before your deadline. So, coming back to the novel last week felt a little like someone else’s book.

Except that in this case you get to cross words out, fix annoying inconsistencies, ask “What the hell was I thinking when I wrote that?” and thank your lucky stars that you have a stellar copy editor who catches you every time you screw up.

Hug your copy editor, folks.

I’m on my way to Olympia to visit my parents as well as see my other half, whom I haven’t seen since October, so that will be Christmas present enough. I suspect there will be lots of eating and drinking and probably a cat in my lap every night.  Happy holidays, y’all!