2013’s profit-and-loss statement

So, WordPress (the handy site that hosts this blog) sends out this year-in-review e-mail that gives you a rundown of all the stats on your blog: the number of posts, the number of visitors to your blog, your most-viewed posts, the most comments, and so on. I guess it comes as no surprise that the post that got the most traffic was this one.

I know I’ll get a dog again, but one of these days, but I said something similar about cats back in 2007 when Boris and Natasha died, and now it’s going on seven years later. Likewise, I know I miss him terribly, and yet it hasn’t made a big emotional impact on me since I was so far away at the time and haven’t been back home since.

Despite that, I can’t say that 2013 was a bad year. I wrote a novel, a boatload of short stories, and even (shocker) a couple poems. My friend Sugar thinks I should try writing more poetry. I seem to prefer formally structured pieces—one of the ones I wrote was a villanelle—so maybe there are some sonnets in my future. We’ll see.

As I’ve said before, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions as a general rule. Looking back at that post, I do note that the one thing I said I would do—learn to play the guitar—is the one thing I didn’t do, while I did manage to grow my hair almost long enough to put it in a ponytail (I’m SO ambitious!) and did lose those pesky five pounds.

I gained them right back, but that’s a story for another day.

Things I did this year that I didn’t plan on doing were I started playing the piano again—I’m taking lessons from a music education Ph.D who’s gotten me back up to speed fairly quickly—and I’ve started rock climbing. Not on any actual rocks yet, but in the climbing cave at the gym. It’s pretty fun. Also, my forearms are killing me. So is my big toe. And my shoulders are not too happy about it either.

Yay, more ways to wreck my body!

I do have a few things I want to get done this year. Or rather, things I want to do better. I won’t write about them all at once, but that’s mainly because there’s one thing I do want to do this year: blog more. I used to write a lot more regularly here. (Wow; apparently, I had a lot to say in 2008. I’ve been tapering off since then.) I’m motivated by my friends Becky and ’Nathan, both of whom wrote daily last year. Maybe I won’t be quite that ambitious, but it has helped my productivity in the past when I blogged more frequently. We’ll see how it goes!

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