Goal for 2014: submit more

So, like I said before, I’m not big on resolutions. Goals are more my speed. Is that a difference without a distinction? Maybe. Anyway, call them whatever works for you. It’s good to have goals, right? Let me tell you about one.

As I’ve mentioned before and will probably mention at least a bajillion times more this month, my day job is managing the writing contests for PRISM international, the literary magazine published by UBC’s creative writing program. The deadlines for the poetry and fiction contests are coming up, and this month we should be announcing the winner of the creative non-fiction contest, which closed last month. As was the case with the non-fiction contest, I suspect entries will trickle in until the final week, when they’ll come flooding in, and in the meantime I’ll bite my nails and worry that no one will enter and I will be a total failure.

I know, way to make it all about me.

What was I saying? Oh, right: entering contests. Or more broadly speaking, submitting work. I didn’t do nearly enough of that last year. I sent two stories in response to anthology calls, and one was accepted, and I submitted four times to contests. Two of them I haven’t heard back on, and the other two were no’s.

Any way you look at it, six ain’t a lot.

So, what this means is I have four stories that are ready (in my opinion, which is highly biased and prone to error) for prime time… or at least late night syndication. They need to get sent out more often this year. I won’t say that my goal is to get X many stories published (hey, just one would be nice), but my goal is to have those out in circulation as constantly as possible.

I did have some luck with that at the end of last year. When one story came back to me, I sent it out again the same day. I’m going to try and make that a habit.

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