Goal for 2014: Drink more coffee!

OK, not really. However, I think increased coffee consumption will be one of the necessary byproducts of my schedule for the next couple months. Let’s add it up, shall we?

Contests, contests. This is actually an improvement, as before it was contests, contests, contests, but now the the literary magazine’s non-fiction contest is concluded, I’ve only got fiction and poetry to worry about. The deadline is today, so if you know anyone who has a story or a poem (or three poems, even) that are looking for homes, tell them to give us a try. They get a year’s subscription to the magazine to boot. (I’ve already mentioned how my American and international friends should consider wading into the Canadian literary competition pool.)

Workshops, workshops, and more workshops. I may have mentioned earlier that I’m taking a year-long fiction workshop. This term I’ve also picked up a radio drama workshop; my first submission is due tomorrow. I’m also enrolled in a course to help prepare for my post-graduation career. Assuming I’ll have one, of course. (More on that below.)

The thesis. Although I’m listing this third, it’s looming large in my mind. I’ve got my advisor’s feedback which was very positive and also very constructive, and now I need to begin the process of revision to make it ready for my second reader.

The Unwanted. You know, it just occurred to me that if you read the cover of my next book without stopping, it says “The Unwanted Jeffrey Ricker.” But I’m trying to be more of a glass-half-full (of coffee?) kind of guy, so let’s point out instead that the novel is currently available for review via NetGalley. If you’re a book blogger or know someone who is and would like to review it, you can request an advance copy there (and thus earn my undying gratitude).

Post-graduation. As if I don’t have enough to occupy my mind before I fall of this bridge, there are a couple fellowships/residencies that I’m planning to apply for. Not to mention that whole looking-for-a-job thing….

Stories, stories stories! I’m still revising stories I wrote over the past couple years and sending them out. I’m thinking that my next book (after the thesis) I would like to be a collection of short fiction. As of now I’ve got 19 published or on their way to being published, and a similar number either in process, in revision, or done and under consideration.

I’m thinking of giving up sleep for Lent.

5 thoughts on “Goal for 2014: Drink more coffee!

    • Thanks, Jess! Needless to say, TURNBULL HOUSE is on my to-read list and I want to get to it soon. I can’t wait to see what Ira gets himself into next. (We also need to do that q&a project we were talking about!)

  1. I think you’ll be needing that coffee… What is your thesis on? I am looking forward to reading The Unwanted.

    • I hope you enjoy The Unwanted! As for the thesis, it’s a speculative fiction novel set in the Midwest around a hundred years from now and revolves around farming, climate change, exploring other planets, and a case of sibling rivalry.

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