Billy was trouble

The UnwantedThe Unwanted doesn’t officially come out until next month, but advance review copies have gone out and I’ve gotten my first review, which is by my fellow writer ’Nathan Burgoine. To say that he liked it would seem to be an understatement. On his blog Sunday he also highlighted one of my short stories, “Tea” in the new anthology Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction.

As I’ve mentioned before, the three main characters in The Unwanted—Jamie, Billy, and Sarah—first appeared in “The Trouble with Billy,” a short story in the anthology Speaking Out, published in 2011 by Bold Strokes Books. That book was recently included on the list of Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults by the ALA’s Young Adult Library Services Association. It’s a great anthology with a lot of wonderful stories in it.

I’m thinking of ways I might try to offer “The Trouble with Billy” as a bit of a free taster for the characters in The Unwanted. It’s a much more realistic story than the fantasy of the novel, and I’ve changed a few things about them between the story and the book (Sarah’s dad is a single parent in the story, but not in the novel, for example), but I think it would be great to give people a chance to meet the characters that way too. I’ve been reading a lot about e-publishing on your own and have wanted to give it a shot anyway.

And hey, who doesn’t like free? Personally, I love free.