Library Pirates!

“This doesn’t make sense,” Baxter said, but the picture was getting clearer. He turned to Rodrigo. “Where were you before you found yourself here?”

Rodrigo’s brow furrowed. “We were on our ship, The Crimson Flame, being pursued by Sam Pike and his agents.” For a moment, he looked sheepish. “We had an—ah—surreptitious shipment to deliver to the coast of Italy.”

“Smugglers,” Baxter said, not noticing Rodrigo’s look of indignation. They started climbing again. “That makes sense. Is Sam Pike the law?”

Rodrigo smirked. “He’s a despicable rogue who uses the facade of the law for his own diabolical purposes.”

It was Baxter’s turn to smirk. “Whereas you’re a lovable rogue who fortunately can’t read the letter of the law.”

At first it looked like Rodrigo wasn’t sure which comment to take offense at, his roguishness or his illiteracy. Then he smiled. “So you find me lovable, guapo?”

Remember when I said I was taking part in a Round Robin writing project on Goodreads? Well, I finally finished my installment and posted it in the wee hours of yesterday morning. You can check it out here. (I don’t think you need to be a Goodreads member to see it, but if you are a member, go ahead and add me, and check out my next novel—and that ends today’s obligatory blatant self-promotion). I’m the fourth writer in the round, so be sure to start with part one and check out the others as well. It’s pretty fun! Especially considering that the story prompt was the phrase “library pirates.”