But wait, there’s more! Or “Jeff, read the whole thing”

17290869Did I mention that I turned in the second draft of my thesis last night? And that I have a major assignment due tomorrow (more on that later) and a short story for my fiction workshop that’s overdue? (The working title is “Little Bastard,” but it’s been suggested that I change it to “Two Men and an Armadillo.”)

In short, I’m a little stressed.

This can be the only reason I can give for forgetting to add in my previous post that Rebekah Weatherspoon, one of the coolest people I’ve never met, is also a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award in the category Lesbian Erotica for her novel At Her Feet, which is easily the hottest thing I’ve read so far this year.

(Yes, I sometimes read lesbian erotica. Big whoop, wannafightaboutit?)

A word of advice: maybe don’t read it on the bus. Your face will turn beet red and you’ll miss your stop.

Sorry about the omission, Rebekah. The memory really is the first thing to go. See what you have to look forward to as you get older?