They said it on the air on the radio

(UPDATE: Hey, it’s live now! Go here and check it out.)

If you’re in Vancouver, tune in to CITR 101.9 on Wednesday at 6 p.m. and you’ll hear yours truly talking with Arts on Air host Ira Nadel about The Unwanted and writing in general. We recorded it today, and hopefully I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth too far.

Look, visual proof! This was taken on the fly by producer Nicole Gibillini. The mic placement proves I have a face for radio:


Not in Vancouver? You’re missing some lovely weather then. (Last week was rainy as hell though.) More to the point, past episodes are available as podcasts that you can listen to online (or off)—I’ll post a direct link to the episode once it’s live.

Meanwhile, it’s always a good time to listen to some Donna Summer:

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  1. Who took that photo? Can I steal it? Do they need a photo credit? If this interview goes online, may I link to it and use the photo on my blog? (Just featured Paul Lisicky earlier.) Do you want me to ask you more questions in this comment?

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