Ring My Bell

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(Yes, a post that has nothing to do with The Unwanted. I know, shocking.)

Last week was a hectic one. On Thursday I turned in my thesis for my creative writing graduate degree. Bonus: I had company! My friends Charles and Beth were also turning in theirs. So did my friend Rebecca, who’s not pictured here (how did that happen? I have no idea), but she’s waiting to ring the bell when her parents come for graduation.

I do have one other script to read and give feedback on for a class that had its last meeting last Thursday, but other than that… I’m done. And it’s kind of weird. Also, a tiny bit panic-inducing. I’ve known all along that once this was over, I would have to find a job.

Well, here we are.

I have another month or so here in Vancouver, and after that, it’s back to St. Louis. I went for a long, meandering bike ride to Stanley Park yesterday, and the day before I began my search for the best poutine in town. (Hence the need for the bike ride.) In between looking for gainful employment and stressing about The Unwanted and thinking about my next project, I’m going to make the most of my time here, because it has a sell-by date.

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