Who’s going to be a Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Fellow? This guy!

llfWith graduate school all wrapped up except for the part where I walk across the stage, I’ve been applying for all sorts of things and am hoping I’ll know sooner rather than later where I might land after this. I do know one thing for sure, though. Well, actually, two things: the first is that I’ll be back in St. Louis come June. The second is that for a week in August I’ll be in Los Angeles attending the Lambda Literary Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices.


I really have to thank friend and poet Leah Horlick, who strongly encouraged me to apply. She attended in 2012 and said it was a fantastic experience. It’s also been described as boot camp for queer writers, so I’m hoping that means I’ll also lose these pesky five extra pounds.

Oh, fine. Ten extra pounds.

Lambda has given me a partial scholarship to attend the retreat, but arts organizations aren’t exactly having the best of times lately (have they ever?), so it’s up to me to raise the balance of my tuition for the retreat. They’ve set up a crowdfunding page here to help with that. I’m planning to send everyone who donates a story—could be something that’s currently in process, it could be an old story that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while, but I figure anyone who throws a couple bucks my way deserves something for their generosity.

(Did I mention it’s also tax deductible?)