#BookADay, Day 3: Something Blue

I typically don’t pick a book because of its cover. Which is not to say that I don’t love a beautiful book cover, either. More likely, though, I’m looking for a particular author, or a title that someone I know has recommended to me.

So, #BookADay’s Day 3 suggestion was a bit odd, I thought. “Blue cover? I have no idea.” I went upstairs and scanned the bookshelves and was kind of surprised that blue was not a more common cover color. However, I did find this one:

2014-06-03 12.06.48

I fell in love with Pam Houston‘s writing when I read her short story collection Cowboys Are My Weakness. (For the record: they’re mine, too.) Sight Hound is very much a different sort of book: the story of a woman and her wolfhound who teaches her to choose love over fear. The novel is told through the points of view of Rae and Dante (he’s the dog), as well as a range of other voices, even Stanley the cat. In other hands this could have veered into the ridiculous. In Houston’s hands, it’s wonderful.

Check back tomorrow for Day 4—which is going to be another tricky pick….


2 thoughts on “#BookADay, Day 3: Something Blue

  1. Interesting. And certainly different!

    I have been swayed into buying a book by its cover – mostly if it’s by an author I don’t know. And sometimes that has really paid off. Equally, I think it’s a shame when a book by an author I like has a cover I think is awful. I know one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but most of us do – and the cover is an important part of the marketing, I think.

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