#BookADay, Days 7 and 8: ‘Cause they’re kind of the same….

When I used to buy Wonder Woman comic books on the regular, I had this bad habit of missing an issue or two and then, when I’d get to the comics shop, forgetting which issues I’d missed and which ones I still needed to complete my set. Many were the times when I got home and started to file them away only to realize I had multiple copies of the same issue. Same thing happened with Buffy comics as well. This never bothered me too much since it meant that I was only out a couple bucks, and if I’d had the good luck to pick up copies with variant covers, well then, it was like I’d meant to do it.

With books, not so much. So for this weekend’s #BookADay suggestions from Borough Press, #7 and #8 are the same book for me. I forgot I owned it, and because of that, I bought a second copy.

856254Given that I have two copies, you’d figure that by now I might have actually read The Beloved Son by Jay Quinn, but I have to confess, it’s still sitting on my to-read pile. Nope. For no particular reason, I haven’t gotten around to it. This happens a lot. (See what I mean when I say I have a book-buying addiction? Obviously, it outpaces my book-reading addiction.)

It’s called the “sandwich” generation, grown children who are simultaneously caring for both aging parents and nearly adult children. Karl Preston, at fifty-two, certainly fits this image, as he lives an emotionally comfortable life with his wife and daughter in an affluent North Carolina suburb. But preparing for a weekend visit to his elderly parents’ Florida home, Karl becomes increasingly aware of the pressing concerns of their faltering lives-realizing too it will be the first time in years he has seen his gay brother, Sven. (from Goodreads)

I ordered my first copy when it was a selection of the month from the (now-defunct) InsightOut Books. The second one was bought at Left Bank Books, I think. One of these days I will eventually get around to reading it.