#BookADayUK 12: I pretend to have read it

OK, this one’s got me completely stumped.

Today’s #BookADayUK suggestion from Borough Press is one that I don’t have a book for. I mean, a book I pretend to have read—why would you do that? I suppose I can imagine a lot of people pretending to have read, I don’t know, the Bible, perhaps. I would say that I wish I knew more about the Bible, considering how often it’s (mis)used to condemn others, but I don’t pretend to have read more than a scattering of verses. Not being a person of faith, it’s probably something I won’t ever follow through on, but, you know, never say never.

So, yeah, I got nothin’. But! Tomorrow’s prompt, “Makes me laugh,” is going to be a tricky one, because there are so many books that fall into that category. I might do more than one, to make up for the lack of one today. Expect an appearance by at least one of the titles from the Rob Byrnes collection of capers.


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