#BookADayUK 30: Waking up with the house on fire

Yes, the headline’s slightly different from the actual wording of today’s #BookADayUK prompt, which is “would save if my house burned down”.

And by the way, the period at the end of that last sentence has vexed me for a while. Now, in Associated Press style, it would typically go inside the quotation marks. I believe it would also go inside the quotes in Chicago style, but my manual is upstairs and I’m at the dining room table and am disinclined to leave my cup of coffee. Since studying in Canada, though, I’ve noticed a preponderance of periods and commas hanging out outside the quotes. Is that a particularly British or Canadian thing?

For now, I’m content to live with the mystery unless someone reading out there can supply the answer. (Translation: I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to get up right now.)

'80s pop culture reference FTW!But anyway, today’s prompt is the last one for the #BookADayUK list, and once again I’m departing from script, in addition to the reworded prompt/Culture Club reference. (You all got that reference without my having to tell you, right?) If the house is on fire, there are a few things I’m saving, and books are not among them. I’m grabbing the dog, the partner, maybe some family photos, but I’m focusing on getting the hell out. I don’t even need to grab my laptop; all of my working files are backed up to cloud storage. Everything else can be replaced.

If I were to grab any books before the whole place went up in flames, honestly, I’d grab the library books. They don’t belong to me, so they have to be returned. Also, they’re on the dining room table close to the front door, so I could pick them up at the same time as the dog.

And that’s it from me for #BookADayUK. This has been fun. Tomorrow starts July, and I’ll probably be back to form with sporadic updates and frequent snark!

(Anyone else have “The War Song” running through their head now?)