One for the road

You’re reading this at my WordPress blog, but before today, it was more likely you’d be reading this over on my other blog, which for the past few years I’ve kept at, a social media site devoted to writers, writing, and readers. I came to know about it because my friend Huntington was an editor there, and I quickly grew to like how focused it was. I joined in 2007 (I think; maybe 2008?) and posted sporadically at first. After a while, I started making regular posts and linked to them from here, and eventually cross-posted everything between the two blogs.

Of course, it’s the people who make a place, and in addition to Huntington there was Ivory Madison, the head honcho who also wrote a really kick-ass Huntress graphic novel. There were other users of the site like Rosy Cole and Dr. Harrison Solow, who always had interesting things to say and stories to share; as well as recent acquaintances like Barbara Froman. And, of course, my friend and cohort and partner in (literary) crime, ’Nathan.

But, as ’Nathan put it, all good things. Red Room has merged with Wattpad, and as of today the site has sailed into the sunset. Everything posted on Red Room is replicated on this blog (well, at least my blog posts), but you can find a complete archive of the entire Red Room site here. Meanwhile, you’ll find many of the people from there on Wattpad, along with folks like the stellar Margaret Atwood. I already have a profile there, which is where you’ll find my short story “The Trouble with Billy,” which originally appeared in the anthology Speaking Out and was the first introduction to the characters in my latest novel, The Unwanted.

Thanks for everything, Red Room. See you over on Wattpad. (Or, you know, right here. Because I’m here, you’re here, we’re here—but anyway….)

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