Lambda retreat update, and (ICYMI) a story


If you check out my fundraising page for the Lambda Literary Foundation Retreat for Emerging Writers, you’ll notice that not only has enough money been raised, but more than enough. You all have been generous to a fault. Thank you!

If you still want to give, allow me to direct your attention to the bios of all the 2014 Writers Retreat Fellows. As you readyou’ll notice several people in need of some help getting to the retreat. (So many that I couldn’t even link them all up in that last sentence.) If it weren’t for the generosity of the people who’ve donated, I probably wouldn’t be going. This opportunity would likely have been out of my reach otherwise. I hope it can be in reach for everyone who’s lucky enough to have been selected.

Everyone who donated to me got to read one of the many stories I’m currently working on that will hopefully see the light of day in a magazine sooner or later. (Longer term, I’m hoping to gather enough material for a collection.) Whether you donated or not, though, you can read some of my work over on Wattpad, where I’ve posted “The Trouble with Billy,” the short story that appeared in Speaking Out, edited by Steve Berman and published by Bold Strokes Books. That was also the first appearance of Jamie, Billy, and Sarah, the three teens who are the main characters in The Unwanted (and who are currently causing me to chase my tail, metaphorically speaking, as I work on a sequel).

And now, I gotta run—literally, as in around the neighbourhood, while the weather is somewhat pleasant. And then there’s a story to finish writing for the retreat, which is only three weeks away!