Mark your calendars! Reading September 3 at Left Bank Books

You might remember my reading/signing for my first book, when the fabulous Kris Kleindienst from Left Bank Books set up her book table in a bar (The Civil Life, to be exact) and sold a lot of copies of Detours while we all drank Jake Hafner’s fantastic local brews.

This photo of Kris and my former co-worker Holly was one of my favorite shots from that night:

"That'll be $100, please." ;)

“That’ll be $100, please.” 😉

That was a lot of fun, but this time I’m going to be in the store itself. (This is probably for the best, as I may have drunk most of my advance that evening.)

The Unwanted 300 DPIAnyway! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 3 at 7 p.m., when I’ll be reading and signing The Unwanted at Left Bank Books in the Central West End, 399 North Euclid Avenue (the corner of Euclid and McPherson). Complete details are here.
Come hear me read! Watch me try to sound coherent when people ask me questions about the book! Ask me how the sequel’s coming along and watch me really get flustered! Spend quality time with Spike the resident feline! Watch me stop abusing exclamation marks! (Yeah, like that’s going to happen.)

But anyway, please come and help validate my existence and maybe buy a copy of the book. I’ll even sign it legibly. Honest. And afterwards, maybe we can head down to Jake’s for a beer!