What I’ll be reading this year: fewer straight white guys—an update

Faithful readers may remember that in January I said that one of my goals this year was to read fewer books by straight white guys. This was inspired by a post by writer Ayelet Tsabari, who set a goal of reading books by writers of colour in 2014. Since it’s almost the end of the third quarter, I thought, why not put together a progress report?

You can see all of the books I’ve read this year in this handy list on Goodreads. So far, in 2014 I’ve read 24 books. Two of those have been written by straight white guys. One of the guys, my grandmother’s cousin, is deceased. The other is John Green. Out of those 24, seven were written by writers of colour. Fifteen were written (or co-written, in the case of anthologies) by women. Eight were written by queer writers. I’m kind of surprised that latter number is only one-third of the total, but there we are.

So, I guess that’s no bad as far as trying to diversify, but I think it could be better. There could be more writers of colour. There were some more books on my to-read list in that January post by diverse writers; as luck would have it, they’re sitting in a box at my parents’ home in Washington state (because there’s only so much you can fit in luggage, I’ve found). Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up some of those when I visit them in September (that’s when I’m taking part in that reading at Orca Books in Olympia—achievement unlocked: shameless plug!). The ones I do have in my current to-read stack at home will get moved up. Also, I still have about twenty bucks leftover on a bookstore gift card given to me after graduating from grad school, so it may be time to do some shopping. And, of course, there’s always the library. I’m getting ready for a YA writing workshop I’ll be leading, so I’ve been trying to concentrate a lot on YA lately. I just started reading an excerpt of Huntress by Malinda Lo and, well, I’m hooked. So it’s going on the “currently reading” list.

So, what are you reading lately? Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “What I’ll be reading this year: fewer straight white guys—an update

  1. I also tend to flit between genre and author type, just to keep things interesting, but in looking back over my 2014 reading list, it’s been kind of disappointing. It certainly doesn’t stack up to 2013.

  2. I just read A Walk In The Woods, and Twenties Girl, I’m currently reading American Gods … I will tell you a YA book I read when I was a YA … that I loved, that is available used on amazon and on Kindle … Bronwyn’s Bane. I loved the whole series … but that was my favorite. It was the first fantasy book I ever read. You know you never forget your first!

    • I can barely remember the name of my first. (Oh, wait, we were talking about books. And I’m totally lying anyway. His name was Brendan and he was adorable. Annnnyway….)

      I loved American Gods. I’m adding Bronwyn’s Bane to my booklist.

  3. I’ve barely read any fiction this year, but plan to incorporate more in 2015. However, I did just finish reading my first graphic novel! Quite a change of pace/plot/everything. Dawn: Lucifer’s Halo by Joseph Michael Linsner. As for recommending it…Why not? It wasn’t bad once I got past the “traditional comic book style”.

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