New (old) story, “The Visitor”

A long time ago (2009—it seems like so much longer), I wrote a story for a litmag called Collective Fallout titled “The Visitor.” It appeared in the Vol. 2, No. 1 issue, which doesn’t look like it’s available from their LuLu store anymore. It’s a story about a guy visiting his out-of-town friend and falling into a fling with the man upstairs—who may not be exactly what he appears to be:

It’s the firsts with Dale that stand out in my mind: The first time he smiled at me; the first time our hands accidentally collided when we both reached for the sugar at the South City Diner, how Dale had withdrawn his hand and let me have the sugar, and how I’d wished I’d let go and taken Dale’s hand back instead. How we stood outside Dale’s front door while I hemmed and hawed until, after a silent, awkward moment, Dale asked if I’d like to come inside.

Other firsts, I remember those too.

You can read the rest of the story over on Wattpad. Let me know what you think!