Video of my reading at Left Bank! Watch me stutter and reach awkwardly for my water!

As promised, here’s the video from last Wednesday’s reading at Left Bank Books, along with the Q&A, which starts around the 30-minute mark.

Yes, it’s like a 40-minute video and I don’t know who’d want to sit through the whole thing, but during the Q&A I discuss what I’m working on at the moment, how awesome my MFA program at the University of British Columbia was, and how I’ll be teaching a YA writing class at Meramec’s continuing ed program starting this Thursday.

Ricker-Writing-Fall-2014Yes, really, I’m going to be teaching. Me, of all people. I know, right? I’m also doing a short story workshop later in the fall. Click the picture on the right and download the flyer if you’re interested in signing up—or even if you’re just curious.

I’m excited! And nervous. But I’m hoping mainly that it’ll be fun and productive for people. The best thing? The assignments I have laid out for the YA class are things I’m doing myself right this moment. (No, really. I have a Scrivener window open and I’m working on my outline for the sequel to The Unwanted when I’m not writing this blog post.) So by the end of the class, if I’ve done my job right, I’ll have an outline and first chapter completed too….