If this is cabin fever, shouldn’t we have a cabin?

Is this what it feels like to be a shut-in?

I haven’t been out of the house all that much since the dog bite. Apart from the reading last Wednesday (which was probably overdoing it, as my ankle swelled up after that), a doctor’s appointment last Friday, and brunch on Sunday, I’ve spent most of my time parked on the sofa or shuffling back and forth to the kitchen. On the bright side, my leg is feeling much better, and the swelling went down a lot after they took out the stitches on Friday (a bizarre although not quite painful sensation).

I have taken a ridiculous number of photos of my leg over the past week. Mind you, "a ridiculous number" is any number over zero.

I have taken a ridiculous number of photos of my leg over the past week. Mind you, “a ridiculous number” is any number over zero.

Additional bright side: new Ace bandage! Velcro makes everything easier. I never want to see one of those pesky little metal teeth clips again.

You would think I might be getting a lot of work done, and I did for a little while. I applied for several jobs, submitted stories to about five magazines, revised a sixth story, and made a little progress on a seventh, as well as work on my next novel.

That was all in the first few days. Since then, I’ve entered the phase of recuperation that’s called “climbing the walls.” The main reason I tend to ride my bike to the library or coffee shops to work is so I can get away from the house. I’ve barely left it in the last 12 days and it’s making me a little frazzled. I used to think that when I was old enough to retire and I could do nothing but sit around the house and read and maybe do some writing, I’d be so damn happy. This episode has made me realize that if I don’t get a regular change of scenery, I will lose my mind.

Thankfully, my cooped-up-in-the-house phase is coming to an end. Yesterday I did get out—for a doctor’s appointment, but I’ll take what I can get. On the bright side (three bright sides in one post! It’s so bright, let me put on my sunglasses), things are healing. I also managed to get to the gym in the morning—all upper body, obviously—then out to dinner last night. Today, I’ll be getting out for the first meeting of my YA writing workshop at Meramec.

Nervous? Who, me?

(Yes, me.)

It’ll be good to be doing something productive though, not to mention gainful. I’ve been applying for work for the past three months without any luck, which does of course mean I’ve had more time for writing and revising. Which is productive, but doesn’t immediately put money in the bank. And as much as I’d like that not to be a concern, well, it is.

3 thoughts on “If this is cabin fever, shouldn’t we have a cabin?

  1. I take a walk with Dash every day, if it weren’t for that I would go days without leaving the house … and I like it that way. A day without errands … bliss!

  2. Glad I found (or…realized I found) your website (with a little help from WordPress suggestions). Hope the recuperation continues, and best of luck with the teaching (although compared to a dog bite, how hard could it be?!).

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