An awesome review of THE LAVENDER MENACE

The Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer VillainyGoogle alerts can be a fantastic thing sometimes. Usually, when I get a ping on my name, it’s because some torrent site has posted an illegal download of one of my novels, and then it’s takedown notice time, provided I can find the link and jump through all of the site’s hoops to make them follow the law. This is a pain in the ass.

But! I digress. Other times, Google alerts notify me of awesome things, like this review by the fabulously named Meredith Debonnaire of The Lavender Menace! Tales of Queer Villainy, edited by Tom Cardamone and which contains my story “Scorned.”

My favorite part of the review: “There’s a definite sense of glee to this collection; it feels in some ways as though the writers have taken the metaphorical mask that many non-heterosexual people feel they have to wear, made it literal and empowered it. It’s like sticking a middle finger up at a society that often subtly (and not-so-subtly) demonises non-hetero identities by saying ‘You want us to be villains? We can be villains. And we’ll be great at it.’”

Thanks, Meredith!