Nano Nano

As some of you may know, it’s National Novel Writing Month. It’s when tons of people who are possibly a little mentally unhinged pledge to write a novel (minimum 50,000 words) during the month of November. I’ve done this two times in the past, so we can pretty much guess what that says about my mental state.

The first time I did it, I wrote a novel that was horrible, just horrible. I did, however, salvage from it a longish short story that eventually became “The Visitor,” which was published in the magazine Collective Fallout and which you can read over at Wattpad. The second time I did it, I wrote a good portion of the first draft of Detours, which then went through so many revisions (so many).

NaNoWriMo officially started Saturday, and I wrote a couple of paragraphs in my notebook and called it a day. Yesterday, I got up early and wrote five pages. I guess I’m on my way. I’m working on the sequel to The Unwanted; the working title’s The Flesh Trap and I’ve already written about 10,000 words on my first draft. Since I’m writing it longhand, it won’t be all that easy to keep track of word counts, but I’m okay with that.

If nothing else, it’ll keep me out of trouble for the month of November!

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  1. Mental stability is overrated. It’s much more fun to mutter to ourselves, in public, about characters’ unwillingness to cooperate (true story).

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