How my psyche works. It’s not pretty.

One of the questions I get asked a lot (and which I love) is “where do you get your ideas?” My usual answer is something like “Costco. They sell in bulk,” which of course is flip, but the real answer is, I get them from just about anywhere. Sometimes I don’t know where they come from, but they are undoubtedly an accumulation of things that I’ve heard or seen that are percolating in my subconscious until they pop to the surface.

So, how does that subconscious work? Well, I thought I’d share a stream of thought that occurred today. (It’s been edited slightly for clarity and effect, naturally.)

Me: Hmm, given how infrequent Bigfoot sightings are, it must be tough for any given Sasquatch to find love in the wild.
Voice: Hi, Jeff!
Me: Good heavens! ’80s pop star Samantha Fox! What are you doing in my subconscious mind?
Samantha Fox: It’s time for your daily earworm, of course!
Me: No, wait—
Samantha Fox: You know who else needs love besides Bigfoot?
Me: Please, Ms. Fox, I beg you, no.
Samantha Fox: Naughty girls!

Samantha Fox: You know you love it.
Me: Dear lord, what have I done to deserve this?
Neil Tennant: We’ll be with you later.

And that’s how the magic happens.

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