They’re not resolutions, they’re goals. Here are mine.

I know that if I go back and look at my posts for January 2014, I’ll find something about setting goals. (Oh look! Here’s one of them! And hey! Here’s another one! And here’s one about my reading goals for 2014.)

How did I do with those? Well, I said I wanted to read fewer books by straight white guys, and out of the 36 books I read last year, five of them were written by the dominant paradigm, so that’s an improvement over the prior year. I want to keep up with that—although right now I’m reading a book by, you guessed it, a straight white guy. He is, however, a friend of mine, so I’m declaring an exception to the rule. (It’s also really good. I’m enjoying it.)

I also submitted more stories to magazines and contests last year. Twenty-six submissions, a couple honorable mentions, a handful of personalized rejections (very nice)—and one acceptance, which is of course AWESOME. That story, “Looking for Bigfoot,” will be coming out early this year from Little Fiction. Stay tuned for that.

I also applied for some residencies and a fellowship, and am waiting to hear back on some of those. I did hear back from the Vermont Studio Center, where I’ll be spending the month of May, hopefully finishing up one of the things on my yearlong to-do list. So that’s pretty awesome.

So, this year, my goals are:

  1. Agent. As in “find one.”
  2. Finish the sequel to The Unwanted.
  3. Apply for another fellowship.
  4. Send out one story a month.
  5. Put together a set of stories for a collection.
  6. Lose five pounds.
  7. Perfect my technique for making an old fashioned.

So, what are you working on?

2 thoughts on “They’re not resolutions, they’re goals. Here are mine.

  1. I like to make goals for the year too. While I set new goals each year, sometimes it takes two or three years to complete them, which is fine by me because they are not resolutions. A goal set -> a goal met = awesome!

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