A sale at Untreed Reads for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This is the day where you’re supposed to give more of a damn about the planet and the environment, because we’ll miss them when they’re gone. I feel the same way about my knees.

But anyway! Untreed Reads (which has published three of my short stories over the years) is having a 50% off sale for the occasion. They’re a digital-first publisher, so saving trees has been important to them from the get go. How does a story about a homemaker dealing with her transformation into a vampire relate to the theme of environmental awareness? I’ll leave that for brighter minds than my own to figure out. Meanwhile, though, check out my stories, as well as all the other titles, including stories by my friends Jeff Howe, Trey Dowell, Sandy Murphy and others.

Straightening Up

Maternal Instincts

New Normal