The current soundtrack to my novel in progress

As careful readers might have noticed in the past, I like to make playlists for my works in progress even though I am constitutionally incapable of listening to music while I write. I’ve tried, but it turns out I’m one of those people who needs either white noise or near total silence to write. I can work in a crowded public place as long as I can’t single out any one voice or conversation. If I can, then I might as well pack up and go. Or play Candy Crush Saga, because that’s about as productive as I’ll be.

But anyway! I’m working, slowly but surely, on the sequel to The Unwanted, and when I’m not writing, these are the songs that I find myself listening to:

The Flesh Trap Mix, as of 20 April 2015

The Flesh Trap Mix, as of 20 April 2015

Recognize anything? Relatively speaking, nothing in the mix is particularly new (not that I am either, mind you). Some of them are going on thirty years old (I’m looking at you, “Watching You without Me”). Hopefully you won’t judge me—or prejudge the book—too harshly based on what’s here. (I make no apologies for that Katy Perry song, as I had no street cred to begin with. I could have put a Geri Halliwell song in here, but I’m saving that for book three.)

What about you? What do you listen to when you write, anything? Nothing? The cries of your vanquished oppressors?

3 thoughts on “The current soundtrack to my novel in progress

  1. I love this! I’ve been deep in a mix of my own creation for the past few weeks and I’ve written about 5,000+ words to it already, and I feel like there might be more in me yet.

    Music, man.

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