Vancouver, something wicked your way comes

Caprica City, before the Fall. (Okay, it's really Vancouver, but still.)

Caprica City, before the Fall. (Okay, it’s really Vancouver, but still.)

That would be I, of course.

I’ll be in Caprica City Vancouver next month, where I’ll be taking a workshop at UBC in their summer creative writing residency on, appropriately, teaching creative writing. (This was a class I didn’t get the chance to take while I was finishing my MFA, and it’s taught by the fabulous Nancy Lee, author of Dead Girls and The Age, which you should really read if you haven’t had the chance because it’s awfully good.)

I’ll also be eating a lot of ice cream and poutine (pictures galore on Instagram, no doubt!), mostly in the company of my two very talented writer friends Sierra Skye Gemma and poet Ruth Daniell, and I want to draw your attention to this bit of news: She’s the resident poet for Small Wonder magazine, a new quarterly “for kids and their grown-ups.” Her first collaboration with them is a series of poems all about fruit, in their third issue. So check that out.

Ruth is also putting together an anthology for Caitlin Press called Boobs: Explorations of Women’s Relationships to Their Bodies. If you have something to say on the topic, check out the call for submissions here. Deadline’s October 12, so don’t dawdle.

I really can’t wait. I’m gonna go run along the seawall and go to Granville Islandand go to the beach and walk through Stanley Park and go to my favourite pub and start spelling everything with u’s again and….