Hump Day Happy

It’s Wednesday already? How did that happen? While you’re trying to figure that out, here are a few of the things making my week:

  1. AvoidHumans: this sort of app is practically tailor-made for writers, curmudgeons, and, well, me.
  2. The realization that in any youth-oriented pop culture work, I am likely to relate most closely to the sassy grandma:

    You go, mama.

    You go, mama. You got this.

  3. From Slave Leia to Slayer Leia.
  4. Hey, what’s my line?
  5. An element of random is sometimes needed to uncork a creative bottleneck. Sometimes that element can be as simple as one word.
  6. David Mitchell says “Don’t be a genre snob!
  7. HarperLegend might be the place for your “visionary digital fiction.”

We’ve almost made it to Friday, kids. Two more days!