Thowback Thursday(ish) – No Wrapping Required

As a bit of a follow-up to my last post, my friend ‘Nathan makes an excellent point: The best gift you can give a writer this holiday is word of mouth. That can be writing a review, like ‘Nathan recommends here (and that is such a good thing to do!). Or maybe you want to ask your local library to stock a well-loved book (or a well-loved writer’s latest book) for circulation. You might take the opportunity to recommend a book in person to a friend or, as I did recently, give them a copy.

The thing that helps writers and their books thrive is awareness. Pass it on!

'Nathan Burgoine

This is a kinda-sorta Throwback Thursday post. I was online yesterday and a bunch of people were discussing reviews (specifically how reviews in some parts of the world were very spare—like how there are dozens of reviews on the “dot-com” version of e-tailers, but less on the “dot-ca” mirror site). The conversation moved to discussions of why, and someone pointed out that there was a healthy contingent of people in her area of the world who didn’t feel comfortable writing reviews.

Which brings me back to my ‘Throwback’ post.

Every year on my birthday, someone will ask me what I’d like for my birthday, and I always reply that I really don’t need anything. I’m forty, I’m happy, we don’t need more “things” really, and other than your time or well-wishes, I’m not sure what to ask for.

Except one thing: noise.

Books can live or die by word-of-mouth. And…

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