Hump Day Happy: The Force Is Strong with This One

One of the nice things about freelancing and writing is that I can block out time in the middle of the day to take care of things that are hard to do outside of the nine-to-five, and I don’t have to ask permission or check with my supervisor. (Well, I do have one boss, and sometimes he’s a jerk, but I give him a stern talking-to in the mirror and then quickly stop as I think this makes me seem slightly [more] unbalanced [than usual].) That includes doing things like doctor appointments, post office runs, and shopping trips.

This Friday at 10 a.m. it will include a reserved seat to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Most people know I’m a big Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica fan, but I don’t think I talk a lot about how much of a Star Wars fan I am. More than any other science fiction film, TV show, or story, my exposure to a galaxy far, far away was what lit the fire under my love of all things otherworldly. I was seven years old, and before my brother and I saw it, his friend Danny went to see it and came over afterwards and was possibly more excited than I have ever seen a nine-year-old before or since. We saw it four times that year, and for several years after that every Halloween costume was a Star Wars costume. So this is a big nostalgia trip for me.

In any case, this is a Hump Day Happy of one item, but there we are. Well, actually, it’s about two somewhat related items, because this video is also kind of awesome:

Okay, one last thing! My friend Ruth Daniell was interviewed by my other friend Francine Cunningham and it’s over here and it’s awesome so watch that too:

Okay, One! Last! Thing! Tomorrow is Bree Sharp‘s birthday, so I’ve been listening to this:

Happy birthday, Bree! (David Duchovny, call me!)