Wednesday Links: Troubling tropes, death flowers, and cats who steal knickers

Okay, I’ve got one more chapter to go on the first draft of Prophecy Boy and I want to get it done by April 1, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

First, read what my colleague ’Nathan had to say about the “gay for you” fiction trope, bi erasure, and lots of other problematic things in fiction. The main takeaway: No one can tell you what to write, but caveat scriptor; people are free to let you know just what they think about it, too. 

triad-blood-small(Also, ’Nathan has a new novel coming out very soon: Triad Blood, a queer horror novel that I can tell you will be very, very good, ‘cause I’ve read bits. Check it out here.

This is a haunting science fiction story: “Death Flowers of a Never-Forgotten Love” at Apex magazine.

Via my friend Kara, Thirteen Creative Writing Exercises for Women, at McSweeneys. (#12 speaks to me.)

There has got to be a story in here. I think I’m going to write it. (But it’ll be a little bit gay. [Okay, a lot gay.])

Belatedly, a eulogy to Alan Rickman, “He Made Snape Sexy.” Yes, yes he did. (Best line: “Alan Rickman made me the kinky transfag that I am today.”)

Lastly, a story by my friend J.M. Landon, “Elk’s Baby.

Now, as my friend (and editor) Greg would say, back to the spice mines.