Wednesday links that have no link in common except I thought they were interesting and oh geez this is the longest title RIGHT?

No preamble this week. (Do you prefer that? Or do you like to hear me blather a bit before I run down the “hey, this is interesting” roll? Let me know.) Anyway, let’s get right to the links:

Trends in YA book covers. This is interesting to me as a writer as well as a graphic designer.

This offer has expired, but the presentation of it is anything but boring as fuck.

Like novellas? Do you like writing them? What about science fiction? This is from 2015, but Tor might be up your alley. My friend ’Nathan posted this on Facebook.

Defy reality. Become an artist. I kind of have an entire post about this coming in the future, so stay tuned for that rant—er, I mean thoughtful, in-depth piece.

Little Fiction is seeking diverse voices for an upcoming anthology called Roads Less Travelled. I’m not sure if an aging white queer is necessarily diverse, but I’m thinking of submitting. So should you.

“The best part of writing is the constant searching, the twisting, the turning, the back-and-forth, the things you think you understand, the things you understand more than you know.” “On Homecomings” by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

It’s not just Amazon (thank heavens). Milkweed Editions is opening an indie bookstore.

Interesting: book return rates are lower as print book sales have stabilized.