Wednesday Links, the “get off your ass” edition

So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve worked on the novel with anything that could be called regularity. (Insert obvious Metamucil joke here.) Instead, I’ve been really feeling the short stories lately, and I’ve got three new ideas for pieces under way. This, I thought, was a good thing, but I’ve also been thinking, have I been focusing on stories because I’m afraid of my novel? It’s a mess already, and I’m worried I’ll screw it up so badly that I have to put it aside and declare it a drawer novel.

But that’s no excuse. So I’m dusting it off and trying again. Anyway.

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(Whoa, I just realized I don’t have any uncles left.)

Congratulations to my friend Ruth Daniell, who was shortlisted for the 2016 Magpie Prize for Poetry!

Got something in your slush pile that’s very once upon a time? Fairy Tale Review is seeking submissions.

“I was angry that, as feminists, we’d won the right to divorce, but not the right to be happy about it.”

“I’ve read too many beige short stories in my life.”

I love a list story. “First Loves, 1989–2002,” by Steven Tagle, at NDR magazine. And this nonfiction piece, so beautiful and moving: “Washed (or, the Cleanest I Might Ever Be)” in The Puritan by Brent van Staalduinen.

Also in The Puritan, check out stories by the fabulous Natalie Morrill and Ellie Sawatzky.