Wednesday Links, or “Just write”

A writer friend of mine recently wondered whether she should pack it in—”Who am I kidding? I’m no writer,” she wrote. Which is nonsense, of course, as I know for a fact that she’s a writer, and a darn good one at that. She can run circles around me when it comes to imagery and character, and I tend to think I’m kind of okay when it comes to characters.

At the same time I read this, a writer/teacher/designer/dirty socialist vegan named Paul Jarvis pondered whether all of his best writing was behind him. What if he’d reached “Peak Paul”? What then?

I wonder the same things about myself frequently. And yet, I keep writing, mainly because I have no idea what else I’d do (maybe become an artisan baker selling loaves out of the back of a van, I dunno). Mainly because I haven’t run out of things to say, or at least haven’t run out of different ways to say the same thing—which let’s call “reinforcement” instead of “redundancy,” shall we? Also, a teacher I know named Nancy Lee (who wrote this stellar novel The Age) said writing is a game of attrition. Which is why I figure, hang on and outlast. Being a persistent, stubborn SOB may just pay off for me in the long run. And for you too.

Right. On to the links!

Immediately related to all of the above, Chuck Wendig has, as usual, lots to say about writing myths, but this stood out for me: “No thing is wrong as long as the thing is getting done. Whatever your process is, accept no shame for it. (Shame is a worthless booster anyway.)” Also, “Write if you wanna write. You don’t even need to marry being a writer with being published.”

The most common words in poetry.

Speaking of poetry, here’s a poem and an interview with the wonderful Sandra Marchetti.

Authors against Trump. Here’s the petition, in case you’re inclined to sign.

Lastly, my favorite Amazon, Lynda Carter, on beauty, music, and her current TV obsession. (Thanks for the link, David Green!)