A thousand? A thousand

Holy cow! This is my 1,000th post on this blog. (In interest of full disclosure, it’s probably the 1,002nd post, because there are two posts I wrote but never published, but we’ll just go with 1,000 because it’s a nice, round number.) Anyway, a thousand days of random mutterings and half-baked ideas over the course of (pauses to check archive)—

Wow. Ten years. And there were six years before that when I kept a blog at various different other places on the Web. If you’re wondering, the most popular post was this one back on March 25, 2008, when blogs were, if not shiny and new, at least not as tarnished and dented as they are now, and mentioning Walmart and linking to CNN apparently got random people’s attention. Now I have CNN blocked in my web browser because the reader comments make me stabby and I don’t blog nearly as often and on fewer random things.

No, really, I’m a lot more focused now.

So thanks for coming along for the ride. Now go read something else! You might want to check out a few of these things that caught my interest this week:

This article on Book Riot about weeding your Goodreads to-read shelf inspired me to do just that. It’s down from 300-plus to sixty something, which I feel like I might actually have a chance of reading before

I love listening to Damian Barr’s Literary Salon, which gets a lovely write-up in Vanity Fair along with a very cool painting done live at the event at the Savoy.

Did you know dolphins are deep thinkers?

Would you upload your mind if you could? This is really interesting to me because it gets at a subplot in a science fiction novel I wrote.

5 queer-friendly comics publishers you should know about. One of them, Northwest Press, also published Lavender Menace, which, while not a comic, includes a story by yours truly.

Lastly, via Austin Kleon comes this awesome video of one of my favorite New Order songs. As an aside, there’s a great mashup of “Blue Monday” and Kylie’s (don’t ask which Kylie, THERE IS ONLY ONE) biggest hit called, appropriately, “Can’t Get Blue Monday out of My Head.” How is it possible that “Blue Monday” came out 33 years ago? Am I that old?

Well, yes, I am.

There’s another milestone of sorts coming up on Friday, but more on that later.