What I’m working on now:

  • Worrying about the future, which is a full-time job
  • Getting through the last half of a near-future speculative fiction YA novel
  • Resisting the call of an old story I abandoned years ago
  • Looking for a house in France. Or maybe Portugal. Or…
  • Always being intimidated by my stack of New Yorker back issues

What I’m not working on:

  • Tolerating transphobes, Republicans, or other whackjobs
  • How long I can hold a plank
  • Freelance work

Things I’m enjoying right now:

  • Deadbeat Druid by David R. Slayton
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks, and looking forward to the return of Star Trek: Prodigy
  • Kylie Minogue rosé prosecco