The Final Decree

Cover art for THE FINAL DECREE, a new science fiction novella by Jeffrey Ricker.

Bill Templeton needs a divorce. To get it, he may have to save the galaxy first.

Bill’s impending marriage to Nelson Wolff could unite two of the most powerful industrial families on Terra Beta. The only problem: Bill’s already married. In his rebellious youth, he took up with Travis, a smuggler and all-around scoundrel, and wound up tying the knot. When he walked away from that life, though, he left some loose ends. Like a marriage certificate.

Now, to get his estranged husband to sign off on the divorce decree, he’ll have to travel to a backwater world hundreds of light years away. When he gets there, he encounters a planetary blockade, instigated by one of his family’s unscrupulous business rivals, as part of an interstellar power play over an unprecedented energy source.

Bill will need all the help he can get to make it to the altar in one piece.

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