Hump Day Happy

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a productive week. Actually, my recent productivity surge started last Friday, when I fired off a bunch of submissions and got a lot of work done. It’s been fairly steady since then, and when that happens, I just try to ride the wave until it breaks (by which point I probably need a breather anyway).

Meanwhile, here’s the stuff that’s been making my week when I haven’t been working:

Stephen King (“America’s teddy bear with little daggers”) teaches us that the key to success is to outlive your critics:

(via BookRiot)

This is an INTJ brain on writing.

Donald Antrim’s First Time: I had a workshop with him at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown in 2003. (I think it was 2003. Anyway, sometime around then.) He was, in a word, awesome: kind, insightful, encouraging (did I mention kind?). The takeaway statement for me: “I just feel like I’m still starting.” If someone like Donald Antrim can feel that, I’m okay with feeling like an absolute beginner every time I sit down to write. And maybe I should welcome that feeling.

An excerpt from Charlie Demers’ book The Horrors. I was a TA for his writing for social media class at the University of British Columbia, and he’s always been a good guy in my book.

Web Poets’ Society (via Austin Kleon)

“Leaving A Mark” by Miah Jeffra at Chelsea Station magazine. We were Lambda fellows at the same time.

Honestly? The Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is giving me a lift. Bonus: narrated by Emma Thompson!

“A horny deer hunter, a self-loathing store owner, and a sleep-walking psychiatrist break into a computer.” Is that not awesome? I might write the story to go with it. Thanks, Random Logline Generator!

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