I totally did a podcast.

Let it be known that I hate the sound of my own voice. I think we’re all inclined to cringe when we hear ourselves speak, though, aren’t we? I wonder if people who have fantastic voices, like Patrick Stewart or Angela Bassett, feel this way too, or do they think, “Dang, I sound good”?

The "OMG We Should Totally Do a Podcast" Podcast logoAll of this is to say that you can hear me speak on a recent episode of my friend James Elliott’s podcast, “The ‘OMG We Should Totally Do a Podcast’ Podcast.” If you’re not familiar with James, he’s the owner of Filigree & Shadow, a creator of certified vegan and cruelty-free fragrances based in Seattle. His work is phenomenal and they’re the only colognes I wear. (Incurable is my personal favorite, but I also enjoy ordering a sample pack of six different fragrances and surprising myself.)

We talk about writing, of course, but we also talk about the strange time in the development of the internet when we met (i.e., blogging), how it led to my being published, what I learned from self-publishing The Final Decree, and what’s coming next.

Give it a listen, exclusively on Spotify. (At least, I think it’s a Spotify exclusive. I’m going to go with that because calling something “exclusive” sounds really top drawer, doesn’t it?) I’m really grateful to James for letting me ramble and stutter, and I can’t wait to hear who else he has lined up for this.