Wait, what happened to Wednesday?

Normally (well, most of the time), on Wednesdays I have a list of stuff I’ve been reading that has caught my interest or made me feel generally a little less stabby, but this week I’ve been under the gun with a deadline (not a fun writing one, sorry; it’s been a freelance editing job, which I love too, but when the client’s waiting, everything else goes on hold).

By the way, since Super Tuesday was this week, it got me thinking: If they scheduled a lot of primaries and caucuses on a Wednesday, could we call it (wait for it) Wonder Wednesday?


(via GIPHY)

Yes, of course that bad joke was purely an excuse to include a Lynda Carter gif. Got a problem with that? I didn’t think so.

Anyway! Here’s some stuff you should read:

First of all, my friend Ruth Daniell has edited Boobs, a collection of essays by women exploring “the burdens, expectations and pleasures of having breasts.” And it’s coming out this month! Check it out here.

This wonderful poem, “Thirty-three weeks” by Rob Taylor: Go read it.

Then, read “You Should Write My Life Story” by Kathryn Mockler.

Congratulations to PRISM international’s nominees for the National Magazine Awards!

Also, if you’re a) in Ottawa and b) on Facebook, be sure to check out the announcement for ’Nathan Burgoine’s book launch May 12 of Triad Blood.

Lastly, I love pretty much everything about this roundup of Poe Dameron fan art. (There’s also a Finn/Poe one, but it would be nice to have some just of Finn. Hi, Finn. 🙂 )